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Terms & Conditions

1. General Definitions and Terminology Used
1.1. These Terms and Conditions govern and control the use of the website (hereinafter, the "Website") by any person accesing it.
1.2. A "Ticket" purchased is an admission for the selected event or match or any other sports or entertainment occasion available on
1.3. The "Client" is a person who determines a contract with in order to purchase entrance ticket(s) for any selected match or any other sporting event or entertainment fact that will take place.
1.4. Confirmed "In writing" is any information provided by to the client that purchased ticket(s) on website via email or by post.
1.5. The "Booking confirmation": is a written confirmation provided by of the booking placed by the client, sent via email to the registered address.
2. Applicability
2.1. By accessing, browsing, purchasing and/or using website, client accepts that have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these Terms and conditions and to comply with all applicable regulations. If you do not concent to these Terms and Conditions please do not visit or use this Website.
2.2. These Terms and Conditions will employ to all orders made, booking confirmations and agreements where function as seller of the ticket(s). Changes, additions to or deviations from these Terms and Conditions will only function if accepted in writing by one of representatives. No rights can be derived from oral conversations over the phone line or chat- all must be clearly set out in writing- email.
2.3. In an unlikely event of client failing to follow these Terms and Conditions, holds the right to withdraw the client from visiting the website again in the future, void or cancel any existing order(s) and/or reserve the right to take reasonable legitimate actions against client shall this become necessary.
2.4. reserves the right to update/change or amend the published content and/or Terms and Conditions at any time. The publishing of updated content and/or Terms and Conditions on the will make the new terms effective immediately, thherefore binding all clints/ users of the website without exception. As a result, all clients/ users are advised to review the website independently and frequently for updates to these Terms and Conditions.
2.5. All Event tickets are purchased in a fluctuating market, thereby, their prices/ availability are subject to change at any time. For current prices all clients/ users are advised to see the website.
2.6. Thank you for your order, you have been sent an email confirmation with all purchase details. It is your responsibility to read and check the email for any possible errors in the information you have provided and communicate if something needs to be changed or added, such as shipping address, email, contact phone number etc.
2.7. Please note that AOL/GMX and some Corporate Mail Servers will block our automated email. If you do not receive and email confirmation within 15 minutes after your purchase please send an email with your order number or name and surname of who placed order to requesting a manual confirmation email.
2.8. If you have purchased tickets outside office hours (Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm GMT) for a match that will take place within 48 hours, please send an email to [email protected] to arrange a safe delivery.
Please never presume your order is cancelled or voided simply because you haven't received an confirmation email. Practically, it's likely your order/ booking has gone through the system and the confirmation email is in your junk/spam box or lost in cyberspace and we're re-arranging that email and preparing your tickets for delivery. Please contact us if it's not known if your booking has been confirmed and paid for or not. Online orders placed over the weekend or after business hours may not be processed until the next business day.
The user will need a username and password to access certain areas of the website. Maintaining the security and confidentiality of your username and password is your responsibility, and the Company will not be held responsible for any action taken under your username or password.
3. Agreement Conclusion
3.1. The product presented by must be accepted by the client. The client must also state his/her preferred ticket(s) quantity and seating location(s) and fill out the information required on the booking form when checking out.
3.2. All clients once purchased can also call, email or live chat with Customer Service representatives available on to update details of booking and requests.
3.3. As ever changes are confirmed by an email will be sent to the client's acceptance of the offer made by The terms have been stated to the client and the client is in agreement with them. reserves the right not to harmonize and/or conclude the agreement if/when it is reasonable to do so.
3.4. All orders and bookings made are obligatory and binding for the client. Orders and/or bookings cannot be cancelled, annulled or voided without written acceptance from
4. Prices and price policy
4.1. When placing a booking, the client accepts the difference in price between the face value of the ticket and final value advertised due to changes in supply and demand, the costs of obtaining the ticket(s) that may be hard-to-get and the cost involved in servicing, processing and delivering the ticket(s) to the client(s).'s prices will differentiate from the price that may be specified on the actual ticket(s); the client cannot benefit or derive any rights from this. All costs are included in prices, excluding the costs for booking/handling fees. Client(s)/user(s) is liable for reading the complete listing before making a commitment to purchase ticket(s).
The client/user should also be aware that in the case he has selected an order(s) in the shopping cart but did not succeed to complete the transaction on time, he's/her's shopping cart session may run out of time or expire and he/she will need to make the purchase again, therefore price of ticket(s) might change during that time. Such a scenario might occur due to the natural fluctuation in supply and demand characterizing the secondary ticket market or other client have purchased ticket(s) at that price and they are no longer available.
4.2. Prices are given in Euros or GBP unless otherwise specified. Please check your bank for currency exchange rates.
5. Payments and purchases
5.1. All ticket(s), categories and packages advertised on are subject to availability.
5.2. All ticket prices are guaranteed at the time of the purchase placement and receiving of payment by
5.3. Accepted forms of payment are credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro).
Full payment for desired match must be received from client/user to guarantee the purchase and confirmation of ticket(s).
5.4. The price paid is the price that appears on the website at the moment of placing reservation, which client(s)/user(s) must accept when making final decision to buy and confirming the purchase. However, all orders are binding for the client(s)/ user(s); they cannot be cancelled without written acceptance- email of cancellation by
5.5. charges will show up on the client's/ user's credit card/ bank statement under the "" name. Credit card payments must be verified by the credit card company; otherwise, the booking will be cancelled/ voided. reserves the right to undertake a security check on all or some orders and may request proof of the client's identification; The order will be cancelled if proof of identification and/or a copy of the credit card (personal data have to covered when taking a picture or scanning the document) are not received by when requested.
5.6. No changes, refunds or cancellations can be made once the purchase has been processed and accepted by unless the event is cancelled and not rescheduled. As it is states in the European Law Number 31997L0007, DIRECTIVE 97/7/ED (May 20, 1997), for the protection of consumers engaging in distance contracts, it is written that once a client submits a booking for transport or accommodation or catering or leisure services or leisure events (tickets), the client is not permitted to cancel the booking. If the client does cancel, no refund will be given to the client. In the unlikely event that is not able to provide the client(s) with the purchased tickets, is responsible to process a full refund. However, is not responsible for client's traveling and/ or accommodation expenses or any other expenses associated to it.
5.7. All client(s)/ user(s) should also be aware that in the case when order is placed in the shopping cart but did not complete (paid for) the transaction on time, the shopping cart session may expire and client/ user will have to carry out the purchase process again and price of tickets might change during that time due to someone else purchased tickets or due to natural changes in market fluctuations.
6. Delivery/ Shipping of Ticket(s)
6.1. After completing the order, the client/ user is requesting and giving automatic authorization to to dispatch the ticket(s) by one of the following courier companies: OCS, Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, DHL or's own dedicated courier service.
6.2. The shipment and issue of tickets will be at the expense and risk of the client. Shipment costs include hotel delivery and pickup of tickets/ stdium collection, if applicable. A full and complete shipping address should be entered at purchase stage as well as main contact phone number where lead client can be reached. The client/ user is obliged to inform the of the final delivery details or any change of such details no later that 7 working days before the event should take place.
6.3. Shipments by FedEx or other local courier service unfortunately are not insured and cannot be held liable for any damage done by FedEx or other courier. Lost, late or misplaced ticket deliveries are the responsibility of the courier and not
6.4. If the client's hotel reception/ concierge or any person who is due to sign for the post at the address provided by client/ user for shipping the tickets refuses to accept the ticket delivery or no one is available at the address to accept post or Courier company is not delivering to certain area/address and such delivery is returned to by FedEx or other local courier, the client shall be deemed as waiving his/her right to delivery and no refund/ compensation is issued in this case. The client shall be required to compensate for the costs that has been charged for the returned shipment.
6.5. Tickets are normally shipped from the delivery office of 3-5 days before the event, although this is subject to change due to high profile events and date of event. The exact delivery method will be confirmed with all clients via email before the event, as for selected events there may be organized a collection point.
6.6. If a shipping is not possible (due to the late release of tickets, or late purchase for example), or by the client's request, tickets will be sent to a hotel or local pick-up point near to the event venue on the day of the event. If delivered to a pick up point near to the event venue, will start to deliver the ticket(s) two hours before the event time, up until the start of the event. If the client does not arrive by that time to pick up the tickets, no refund will be given to the client. Unfortunately we cannot copy, duplicate or re-issue tickets as they are assigned individually to every order.
6.7. Most sports tickets, such as for Premier League matches, Serie A and Spanish League matches, will be delivered to the hotel where client is staying 1-2 days before the event. The client must provide hotel details to if this is necessary. The client will be responsible for receiving the tickets from the courier at the hotel. If for any reason the hotel refuses to accept the tickets from the courier, the client will be solely responsible. recommends that the client inform the hotel's reception or concierge about the expected delivery. For more specific information about shipments, contact the sales team near to the time of the event.
6.8. The client must inform of any changes to the address where the tickets can be delivered up to 72 hours before the event. does not take responsibility if the change of address is received after this deadline.
6.9.  will not be responsible for undelivered tickets that are the result of misinformation given by the client such as wrong address, post code, client not updated shipping addres on time before delivery, client refusing to accept post, client not being at home/ office/ hotel etc when delivery was attempted and tickets are still with courier/ postman. Also if client is not answering phone/ email or a third party communication carrier's failrue occurs such as no network coverage, server malfunction, delay in emails response or attempts to contact client, the client will be responsible for such undelivered tickets; no refund will result to the client. All changes in delivery details MUST be accepted and confirmed by via email. Client also shall obtain a letter of refusal to the stadium from stadium's officials if not permitted for some reson to access the seat or seats. The usage of booked ticket(s) are at recipients discretion and if ticket(s) are not used to access the venue for some reason after they have been received from us, no replacement ticket(s) or refund or reimbursement is available.
7. Tickets and access to venue
7.1. The customer accepts, on behalf of, that in unlikely event of tickets are available in a higher or lower category than the category purchased on the website, will deliver the tickets in a higher or lower category and will charge or refund the extra amount per ticket that results from the different category after confirming all changes with client.
7.2. For each event, can deliver to the client an E-Ticket which must be printed by client before the event and scanned at the entrance, a Match Day Paper Ticket, a Season Ticket (card) or Member Card. When the client receives a Season Ticket/Member Card, it can only be used once for the date and event booked through Once the event is finished, the client must return back the Season Ticket/Member Card to after receiving instructions from or the suppliers of or its business partners. Such instructions may be given by phone, email or a letter attached to the Season Ticket/Member Card and placed inside the envelope. All clients that are staying at a hotel/ motel/ B&B in the city where event will take place are advised to leave the Season Ticket/Member Card inside an envelope at the hotel/hostel/B&B front desk on the same night after the end of the event. The client is required to write the name of on the envelope (or other names given in instructions from or its couriers). If client is refusing to return the Season Ticket/Member Card within 24 hours after the end of the event, will charge the client 100 GBP per day for each Season Ticket/Member Card, beginning from the end of the 24-hour period after the event's end until the return of the Season Ticket/ Member Card to offices or courier, or 650 GBP for each Season Ticket/Member Card.
7.3. The client/ user, by accepting the Terms and Conditions written under terms and condition section, complies that tickets for sports events can be in any home or away section but only in an unlikely event of certain tickets not being available. The client consents that she/he will not have any claim against regarding the home or away ticket. For any type of ticket(s), the client must act and dress accordingly, as stated on the ticket by the event organisers or promoters. For example, if client's seat is located in the home team section, the client will not be allowed to enter the venue if wearing the clothing of the visiting team, and vice versa. These guidelines regarding proper conduct and behavior and dress codes in home and visiting sections are given with the understanding that the client's attendance at any sports event is at his/her own risk and discretion and that client have read such instructions before attending event.
8. Special Provisions and Liability
8.1. For certain music and sport events, tickets may display a name that does not match the name of the client or the user of the ticket. cannot be held liable if the client and/ or user of the ticket is refused access to the event due to this discrepancy.
8.2. The client/ user of the ticket purchased on the must act and behave in an orderly fashion and must follow all instructions given by the organiser/promoter of the event.
8.3. will not be held responsible should the promoters/organisers of an event or other relevant authorities such as stewards eject the client from the venue due to the acquisition of the tickets on the secondary market. By purchasing tickets on the website, the client acknowledges and accepts that the tickets have been purchased in the secondary market and not from an official box office related to the official promoters; thus, the client will be fully responsible for this action. If the client is ejected from any venue in the United Kingdom due to the contravention of section 166 on Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, he/she agrees and ackowledges to be fully responsible for such action and for the purchase of the tickets through The client agrees that he/ she will not have any claims against or demand from and will not be awarded a refund for the tickets. Any data, information and content that is available through this website - is published as a service only, all data, content and information is subject to various updates, which might occur from time to time and all clients/ users are advised to independetly verify all necessary information. is not affiliated nor endorsed by any of the clubs, teams, venues or organizations published on this website.
8.4. will not be held responsible should the organisers of an event or the relevant authorities deny admission to the client and/or user of a ticket delivered by to an event , unless there has been an intentional act, omission or example of gross negligence on the part of
8.5. The client/ user of a ticket shall visit an event at his/her own risk, i.e. shall not be held responsible/ liable for damages that the client/user may suffer whilst travelling to or from the event or whilst attending the event. This holds true in cases of undelivered tickets by as well.
8.6. The fixtures's categories advertised and published by for tickets shall not harmonize with categories used by the organisers of an event for which the tickets have been supplied. The client cannot, therefore, derive any rights from the category class and/or ranking used by However, will bring to a minimum any inconveniences in case of certain category being unavailable.
8.7. The client/ user of the ticket supplied by must obtain any relevant information regarding updated times/dates and other changes to the event schedule provided by the organisers. does not have any obligation to inform the client/user of such updates and changes, however our customer service team will do their best to update all clients before the event.
8.8. Events that have been annulled or cancelled or moved to another date are at the expense and risk of the client/ user of the ticket and cannot be viewed as a shortage on the part of Thus, shall not be liable to pay for any reimbursements incurred by such cancellations or movements of events. The client is totally responsible for obtaining the information about correct dates and starting times of concerts and events. Clients should also note that football matches can be rescheduled to fit into Champions League, Premier League, FA CUP, Europa League, EFL CUP or other League's or Cup's obligations and/or television coverage; such changes can occur with very short notice. recommends that the client reserve both Saturday and Sunday for such matches when making travel plans. Clients should also ask the hotel 's concierge, inquire with the local press or search official websites for exact times and locations upon arrival.
8.9. Should an event be cancelled, altered or modified and a replacement event not take place, the client must not approach for a reimbursement, refund or compensation. Clients shall contact the organisers of the event to seek for a refund for the original value of the ticket, if possible. Should a replacement event take place, the client must contact the organisers in order to claim a replaced ticket for the new event, however, normally initial ticket is valid for rescheduled event.
8.1.1. The content published on the website is without obligation or commitment, thus the client cannot derive any rights towards in relation to the content or the included links. The client/ user will need a username and password to access certain areas of the website, such as personal account to check order details. Maintaining the security and confidentiality of your username and password is client's sole responsibility, and will not be held liable/ responsible for any actions taken under your username or password.
8.1.2.'s prices are subject to the fluctuations of the market that is related to the natural demand and availability of certain tickets for certain events. The client/ user cannot derive any advantages or rights from the increases or reductions to price once the user/ client has accepted an offer from
8.1.3. Any liability of shall be restricted and limited to the amount that the user/ client has paid for the aforementioned ticket or tickets.
8.1.4. Tickets for the same fixture or event bought within one booking/order will very likely get their seats together. Two seats are always guaranteed to be seated together which means there will be no seats in between them. Also, for more that 2 tickets all clients/users are advised to contact customer service to confirm availability. All tickets advertised are officially supplied from the club whatsoever.
8.1.5. Lost, stolen, misplaced, unreceived or damaged tickets cannot be duplicated by
9. Brochure at
9.1. The information stated in the brochure is subject to changes that can result from price/ time/ date/ availability changes. Amounts mentioned on the website are based on prices, exchange rates, duties and taxes known by at the time or printing/website updates.
10. Information about
10.1. is operating on behalf of EVEREST DG LTD, Company number: 40003799641, Registered in Latvia, Brivibas gatve 214M-2, Riga LV-1039
10.2. is a commercial company that specialises in offering tickets to sold-out and/or popular events and other hard-to-get tickets.
10.3. obtains tickets on the secondary market, thus the prices listed on the website are a good reflection of the degree of difficulty in obtaining the tickets. is not connected to any box office, nor is sponsored by any of the venues, teams, performers, organisations or organisers whose tickets are sold through the website.
11. Cancellations and Refunds
11.1 No changes, refunds or cancellations can be made once the purchase has been processed and accepted by As recorded in the European Law Number 31997L0007, DIRECTIVE 97/7/ED (May 20, 1997), for the protection of consumers engaging in distance contracts, it is written that once a client submits a booking for transport or accommodation or catering or leisure services or leisure events (tickets), the client is not permitted to cancel the booking. If the client does cancel, no refund will be given to the client. will credit the client’s account on the website for the amount of the undelivered tickets only; the client can draw on this amount to purchase other tickets. In case client refuses to accept tickets, also no refund or compensation to be given to client unless client and agrees over emails that tickets are subjest to cancellation fee of 30% of the total amount paid by client or will attempt to resell client's tickets on the website, this also subject to 20% processing and handling fees. In the case that issues a client a written approval for a refund for any reason, the refund will be made up to 30 (thirty) working days or business days from the date of issue. will not be held responsible for delays caused by the client’s bank or credit card company.